Children’s Justice Alliance

Originally a separate organization, the Children’s Justice Alliance (CJA) became a program of Pathfinders of Oregon in 2011. CJA seeks to improve outcomes for children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system. It accomplishes this mission through the following initiatives:

Supporting stable, healthy families
Through the Center for Family Success and other partnerships statewide, the Children’s Justice Alliance provides a continuum of comprehensive services to children of justice involved parents, their parents and families.

Creating systems change
Through its policy and research efforts, public information campaigns and community trainings, the Children’s Justice Alliance promotes systems change across a range of initiatives impacting children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system, or who are themselves at risk for juvenile justice system involvement.

Providing research leadership
Recognizing the importance of evidence-based and evidence-informed programs, the Children’s Justice Alliance, in cooperation with partners such as the Oregon Social Learning Center and Portland State University, actively assesses program results to ensure that services meet clients’ needs and produce reliable outcomes.